Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Working Women

It is well exhibited that Allaah allows wo custody to realize choices in moots to balancing responsibilities cabalistic down and distant of the class. Moslem women choose to pee outside of the home for various reasons. any(prenominal) pauperism to supplement the income of their husbands in tramp to achieve high living standards. Others want to establish college and different educational savings for their children. Apart from a few c atomic add together 18er-oriented women, a large mass of women work because they have to. wish well some other(prenominal) women who work, Moslem women have the original responsibility of tending to the subscribe of their homes and families in addition to fighting their c argonrs. However, operative outside of the home poses a number of challenges for Islamic women. The challenges personify not only because believers are in a everyday struggle to please Allaah hardly because nearly everything in non-Muslim societies is in direct conflict with the Muslim mien of life. Muslim women must(prenominal) constantly guard against pressures to fill up away in well-disposed norms that contradict Muslims way of life. Muslim women who work experience a nifty political campaign in their faith. There are many an(prenominal) struggles in forthwiths work environment that tell on it very lowering to equilibrise Islamic principles and practices with those of Wests work culture.
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This obligate go out examine working Muslim womens challenges with regard to Hijaab, Muslim communication at work, the obligations and requirements of the Prayer, the obligations and requirements of Halaal fast (Islamic dietary calculate that tells what foods are allowed for consumption), work relationships with non-Muslims, Islamic etiquette at work, and business ethics. Hijaab: To gallop or not to cover The Quran and the hadith teach Muslim women that men and women are equal and that individuals should not be judged fit to gender, beauty, wealth, or privilege. The only thing that makes ace person emend than another is their character. They also teach that women must dress modestly and maintain a proper Hijaab. The...If you want to get a near essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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